Do you like anchovies?

I'm not sure who this question is aimed at. I (Katwin) am a vegetarian. Madeline doesn't, and neither does TRO. Slugs doesn't generally like salty foods. (Salt = death)

Does it pain you to see snow white on an advert about disney princesses, when she clearly isnt?

Snow White was in fact a princess. You must be thinking of Esmerelda or Mulan, both often advertised as princesses.

Do you like tasty pheasant?

Katwin is vegetarian. Madeline, however, enjoys tasty pheasant. But not normal pheasant.

Will you sleep with me?

Um, this question was asked by a 'straight' girl, so I'm worried. This answer changes depending on who you are, so if you would like your own personalised reply, feel free to email me.

Does Madeline have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Please, please tell me you're not asking this because you're interested. Apart from the fact she is a snobby, middle-aged widow, she is also a slug. SLUG. But no, Madeline is single (and straight).

What the hell is TRO?

TRO stands for 'The Red One'. He is a little, red, currently nameless slug. You can find out more about him on the cast page.

Does Madeline have a lawyer?

Madeline does not have a laywer. As far as I know she doesn't need one, but if you would like to speak to her about this, you can write care of Katwin.

I'm gonna kick yer ass, what d'ya say to that?

I have a knife.

If you were a bloke would you crossdress?

Katwin: Why? Quite a lot of guys clothes are better. OMG, boxers! I want boxers.
TRO: I can't believe you just admitted that online.
Madeline: Deviant!
Katwin: I deny everything.



Can I be in a film/comic strip?

I am not above bribery. Otherwise, bog off.

What does 'TRO' sound like?

Soft 'o'...like 'goat', only longer. Not to be confused with Troy.

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